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Motherhood is one of the greatest forces of personal transformation. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the intensity of family life and disconnected from your light, your voice and your truth...

I stand fiercely committed to walk with you, in witness to your journey-- through the stuck places ready for transmuting, as well as cultivating the innate feminine wisdom within your body and nature, emerging with a new depth of connection available for yourself, your partner and your children. 

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Meet Alcyone, 

Founder of Mother Element

As mother for 15 years, Alcyone's relationship with her children Initiated her into a depth of heart, beyond her most vulnerable wounds and fears, into an unapologetic claiming of the core truth & essence of herself as Woman. She did not walk this path alone. Initiation first requires the sacred container of community. Alcyone's elders and mentors guided her journey home to her authenticity. 

Alcyone is a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner, with a background as a Wilderness Quest Guide, Rites of Passage facilitator, Youth Nature Mentor, Summer Camp Director, and the healing arts (massage and yoga). Currently mothering a teen son and a 10 year old daughter with her dedicated husband, Alcyone's passion for families, healthy embodyment and nature connection has informed Mother Element's mission to guide women home to their innate body wisdom, creating and shaping family culture in alignment with her deepest heart-centered values, strengthening connection between parents and child, supporting all family members to navigate inner transformations through life transitions.

Women who work with Alcyone are raising children or grandchildren, experiencing times of intense change in their own life and their child's development.  They seek guidance on how to deepen their connection with their own truth and their growing child. They seek a community of authentic Mothers as sisters, to rest into while prioritizing their nourishment and regenerative capacity at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. They seek accountability on their visionary path re-storying the destructive cultural influences on family and the feminine to create the new earth of care and connectivity, one family at a time.

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